The 3 Best and Affordable WordPress Hosting For Your Blog

WordPress is one of the most powerful Content Management System on the planet many people use it on their blogs as it is very fast, reliable and most of all it is supported by thousands of plugins out there. Most of us have been on a trial-and-error when it comes on finding the best and reliable WordPress hosting out there of course it is gonna be more awesome if paired with a reliable hosting provider. If you are starting your new WordPress blog or you have just decided to leave off your old hosting provider, i would suggest to get a shared hosting plan first which is incredibly cheap and it is also perfect for small WordPress blogs that are just starting out. Shared hosting plans are dirt cheap and affordable it would be 50% cheaper compared to other hosting plans such as a VPS hosting or a Managed WordPress hosting.


The 3 Best and Affordable WordPress Hosting For Your Blog

First time WordPress users may find it confusing when choosing the right web-host for their blog. Fortunately you have just come to the right place as i will be sharing some tips that could help you choose the right hosting provider for creating your perfect blog. I’ve been a big fan of these hosting companies since they are not just offering good service and customer value but they are also offering cheap web hosting solutions that should fit your budget.


The three best and affordable WordPress web-hosting companies are already in the next paragraph, but if this is your first time getting a WordPress hosting i recommend signing up for Bluehost (discount coupon already added) since MozGear was hosted in Bluehost before we didn’t encounter any issue regarding hosting.


I can still remember way back in 2015 when i am just starting out blogging, Mozgear is hosted on a shared-hosting server. Over time my traffic increased and moved from a shared-hosting to a VPS and later on decided to move back to a shared-hosting package! I have been through a lot of hosting companies journeying from one hosting company to another, that is where i get my foundation of recommending the best WordPress hosting company which i want to share with you.


All of us are once a newbie, so i know how important it is to write a post containing some useful stuff about the best and affordable options for WordPress hosting to help new bloggers kick-start their online career. The following list are the three best hosting companies that i carefully handpicked for you to choose from which among of the three hosting companies fulfills your needs.


Cheap and Reliable WordPress Hosting Providers:

Here are the three cheap and reliable WordPress hosting providers that are trusted by millions of WordPress users worldwide, they are not only good for what they do, they are also globally renowed in social medias for their topnotch services.


Bluehost: 5.95/month unlimited hosting


When it comes to WordPress hosting Bluehost is the most recommended hosting company where you can put your blog on, and it is also the cheapest among the three hosting providers available to you. They are also offering different kinds of hosting packages to choose from, such as the “Basic”, “Plus” and the “Prime” hosting packages that offers unlimited resources such as bandwidth, hosting space and much more.


What Bluehost can offer are the things that makes them different and stand out among the rest of the hosting providers. SSL certificates is one of those services that they can offer which is a crucial ranking factor for search engines nowadays, they are also offering the latest PHP scripts to ensure that your website will always perform faster for better user experience. At least, consider SSL and latest PHP versions when looking for a hosting company for your WordPress based blog.


Some of my blogs are hosted in Bluehost, two of them are hitting 8,000 visitors per day and yet i’m not experiencing any slow downs and once again Bluehost did their job on ensuring my site would never go down in times of traffic surge.


Bluehost also offers Simple Scripts (accessible via cPanel) that allows you to install your Bluehost powered WordPress blog in just a few clicks.



Impotant Bluehost hosting  Features:

  • 1 year free domain
  • WordPress specialized hosting
  • PHP 7.x
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • $100 Adwords credit
  • Rating: 5/5



I have one WordPress blog currently hosted at SiteGround and i must say that they are not the cheapest among the three hosting providers listed here, but i am certain that they have an outstanding support team that will immediately help you out when needed and their servers are incredibly fast making them standout among the two providers.


SiteGround offers different kinds of WordPress hosting packages such as the “Startup”, “Growbig” and “GoGeek” plans unlike Bluehost’s hosting packages, SiteGround has a limited resources like web space, number of websites allowed (addon domain) and number of monthly visits (traffic data). If this is your first time getting a WordPress hosting i would suggest to start with Bluehost’s shared hosting packages as they offer the flexibility of what a hosting server should be for new bloggers.


These are the SiteGrounds shared hosting packages main features:

  • Startup: One Website, 10GB Web Space, 10,000 Visits/Month
  • Growbig: Multiple Websites, 20GB Web Space, 25,000 Visits/Month
  • GoGeek: Multiple Websites, 30GB Web Sapce, 100,000 Visits/Month

With such limited resources your WordPress blog may outgrow your server someday especially when traffic starts to kick in, but you can always upgrade to a higher server packages as SiteGround also offers a VPS and a Dedicated servers for every client they have.




InMotion Hosting is a popular WordPress hosting provider based in Los Angeles they are known for their best servers and incredibly best customer support. They are one of those non EIG hosting company that offers unlimited bandwidth and hosting storage. Aside from an amazing hosting packages that they offer they also have the best customer support out there, so if you are looking for a U.S. based WordPress hosting server InMotion Hosting is the way to go and i bet there customer support will help you out on getting your WordPress blog up and running in no time.



These are the three best WordPress hosting providers available to you at the time of writing, they are not just affordable but they are also have a good customer support which will help their clients anytime when needed.


If you still can’t decide what web-hosting company to choose, please take some time to check these two affordable hosting companies below.


How about you, do you already have your own affordable WordPress host? could you tell me what web-hosting company is that?

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