10 Ways To Improve Your WordPress Blog Today

Ever get the feeling that there is something that is not quite right with your website. Perhaps you are using an outdated version of WordPress or it does not look and feel good enough. Well, not to worry as there are a number of things that can be done in order to remedy this situation. In the next few paragraphs, we will take a look at some of the most basic things that should be done in order to keep your site up-do-date. This is meant to be just a guideline to improve your site and ensure that it is up to standard in terms of looks and structure.



1. Get A Professional Design

This is definitely the very first thing you should look  at when giving your website a facelift. The look of your site matters a lot no matter how useful the content on the site is or the niche that you are in. Image is everything when it comes to a website and it is always a good idea to enhance  the look of your site with a professional design.


Having a professionally designed site gives you a solid branding, increases your sites potential and provides a very polished user experience for your site visitors. Getting a professional to do it for you or getting a premium theme can go long way in boosting the look and feel of your site and it is definitely worth the investment and effort.



2. Secure Your Site

I am sure you have heard of someone who had their site hacked by some malicious people or even injected with malware. You should never let this happen to you and the only way in which you can achieve this is by stepping up your game in terms of site security.


There are several ways in which you can do this such as having a login page for sensitive information on your site. Also remember to lomit the login attempts that are possible from a single IP address in order to reduce chances of brute-force attacks. Never ever log into your dashboard as ‘Admin’ as it is an open target for hackers.


Also remember to change the database prefix from wp_ to something else in order to make your database more secure. This can be done manually or by using a plugin like ‘Change Table Prefix‘.



3. Regular Backups

This is something that you may deem to be obvious though very few people actually do it. Backups are very important since you can never trust that you will be fine. Things that are beyond your control may happen leaving you without a site. Backups are a way of ensuring you have an insurance policy for your site in case things go south. There are a lot of backup options out there for your WordPress site but that is definitely a story for another day.


4. Write Better Content

Want more traffic your site? Get better content on your site. Review your content strategy and come up with blog posts and site content that is more engaging and interesting to the users. This will definitely give your site better ranking in addition to a higher number of social shares for your posts.



5. Get a Better Host

Still struggling with load times, uptime and site performance issues? Well, if your answer is yes then you definitely need to get a new host for your site. Do your research before investing your money in a host. Some of the important things to keep in mind include the uptime guarantee, reviews from other people and terms of service. If you are onto looking for a new web hosting provider i would recommend Bluehost Hosting as i already tried them before and i would say they are one of the best on the market today.

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6. have an Audit of your Plugins

While it is a good idea to have plugins in your site for countless reasons, it is never a good idea to overindulge in them. Get rid of any plugins you haven’t used in ages and stick with the ones that you use on a regular basis. this way, you have an opportunity to improve the load time of your site and keep it clean.


7. Set Some Goals

This is all up to you. Is there something that you absolutely feel that needs to be changed with regard yo your site? Well, set some goals towards achieving  these changes and stick with a plan that will ensure that you achieve them. If you want more clients for your online shop, get to work and start marketing it actively while upgrading the online shop. In the end, you will have a good number of customers and a much better looking site.

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8. Diversify Your Content

Try out more types of content for your site apart from must plain old text. Perhaps you should post a video or make a podcast now and then. People will be much more engaged in this way instead of just seeing paragraph after paragraph of text. Having different types of media on your site also provides visitors with a range of choices when looking for information and increases engagement.


9. Make Yourself Easy To Find

In the world of social media, you definitely have an established profile on all the major social networking sites. It is important that you make it easy for your audience to find you on these channels. This increases the ways in which they can communicate  and interact with you. Have easy to find social sharing and follow me buttongs on your site in order to make it easy for your audience to add you to their social circles.


10. Learn From Others

If there is a site out there that you really love, then it is time that you stole i mean borrow site improvement ideas from them. I am not suggesting that you go and make a clone of their site. Instead, ask for pointers from them and apply them to your site in your own unique way. Try to be better than them and your site will be one to watch.


Well, that is all for today with regards to improving your site WordPress site. There is much more that you can do depending on your particular situation but this covers all the basics. All the best as you pimp-your-site!

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